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People Are Sharing Their Deal Breakers For Eating A Pancake Out Of The Trash And Some Of Them Are Pretty Understandable

Everyone has their limits, but they can vary wildly from person to person. A Redditor recently asked users on r/Food what would stop them from eating a pancake out of the trash, and despite pancakes being one of the best foods ever, some of the users had some deal breakers that are pretty easy to agree with. 

1. If there are a lot of used ear plugs on it, I’m not touching it. u/Timotheeeee32

2. No dealbreakers for me, if I see a pancake in the trash it’s mine! Ask my ex husband. He HATED it. u/RealReginaldCopperpot

3. If the other trash around it isn’t very fresh. u/BuckleUp24

4. If someone I loved threw it away then I won’t take it out of the trash. I don’t want to be cursed. u/DesperadoDong

5. If it’s got pancake mites then no way. u/PancakeAl

6. I can’t say that I see this a lot but I suppose if there was a dead person in the trash too and they were kind of clutching the pancake in their jaws I would let that pancake go for sure. u/LucyWallace111

7. I’d want to have it tested for poison, but if clean then IT’S ON BABY! u/DroolMeARiver

8. I have completely different criteria for not eating a pancake out of the trash than I do a waffle. A trash waffle I’ll eat under basically any circumstances because they don’t soak up as much trash juice as a pancake does. Less porous. But a trash pancake, if it’s been anywhere near vomit or harsh chemicals then no way. It soaks those up like a sponge. u/Strun1998

9. If pancake prices are up over $4 then I’ll go for it. If not I’ll buy new. u/PackerNutt1964

10. If it’s in the trash of a gynecological clinic then I do, otherwise no. u/NasalProbs13

11. I used to think I drew the line at a pancake in the trash that had a lot of band aids on it but I recently crossed that line so I’m not sure anymore. Maybe if I wasn’t hungry because of chemotherapy or something? u/Plugger141

12. If the pat of butter has fallen off then I throw it out into the alley and keep on digging u/GrimpTulvis

13. If it’s a whole wheat pancake then I won’t eat it. Yuck. u/ChuckPancakes

14. If it’s got a dead mouse cooked into it or is shaped like a star. u/NewBeginningsRealty44

15. If I see someone nearby who looks like they could use a pancake, I’ll pass on it in hopes that they can grab it and wolf it down. u/Todster23242

16. If it’s in a wastepaper basket I’m eating that fucker cold with no toppings in a heartbeat. But if it’s in a full-sized trash can? OK actually I’m still going to eat it, but I’m not gonna be happy about it. u/Travavavis