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Pretty Damn Hot: In The Time It Takes To Read This List Of 6 ‘90s Trends That Are Making A Big Comeback, Approximately 400,000 People On Earth Will Have Had An Orgasm

If you take a look around, you’ll see that all sorts of ‘90s trends are making a comeback right now, and in the time it takes you to read about just six of them, close to 400,000 people will have had an orgasm. Soooo sexy!

1. Baggy jeans

Visit any crowded mall these days and you could be excused for thinking you’re back in 1996 with all of the baggy jeans on display! Remember those? Also interesting is that in the time it took to learn about this returning trend, around 80,000 people around the world climaxed sexually. That’s a LOT of cumming!

2. Grunge

From Nirvana shirts to torn jeans to flannels, the grunge-inspired items currently taking the fashion world by storm have caused many trendsetters to start dressing like they’re on their way to a Soundgarden concert. On another note, many thousands of people just ejaculated in the time it took you to read that short paragraph. Hot, hot, hot!

3. Chunky sneakers

Your legs might get a workout in the beefy, ‘90s-style shoes that are all the rage these days, but not as much of a workout as the untold numbers of genitals that are engaging in vaginal, anal, and oral sex and/or being masturbated completion at this very moment. Such a cute trend, and such an arousing fact.

4. Sporty visors

In the time it took you to read the words “sporty visors,” gallons of ejaculate and vaginal fluids were spilled by horny sluts all over the world. The fashion world might be returning to the ‘90s, but the rest of the world is basically participating in one big orgy when you really think about it!

5. Scrunchies 

Scrunchies never fully went away—in fact, they are just as hot of a fashion item now as they were at their peak in 1994! (Cum count at this point in the list: 345,000, approximately 40% of which was from penetrative sex)

6. Bucket hats

Well, here we are at the bucket hat portion of the list. The longer we drag this on, the more people will have groaned with pleasure as their genitals pulsed with ecstatic release, and in order to ensure accuracy we’ve gotta cut this off at around 400,000 orgasms. So we can’t say too much more about bucket hats outside of the fact that they are back in a major way. OK, sorry, gotta go—way too many people worldwide are cumming!