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Regardless Of Your Views On The 2016 Election, Here Are 6 Reasons Why Now Would Be A Bad Time For Reince Priebus To Get A Dog

It doesn’t matter what side of the political aisle you stand on—having a pet is a big responsibility. Here’s why Reince Priebus really should wait until this election is over to do it.

1. He’s too busy: Leave your politics at the door for a moment. As chairman of the Republican National Committee, Mr. Priebus will have a jam-packed schedule in the coming months—debates, fundraisers, rallies, and dinners. You don’t have to agree with Mr. Priebus’ party or candidate to see that a dog would be too much.

2. It wouldn’t be fair to his wife, Sally: Just be realistic. If Reince gets a dog right now, who do you think is going to end up taking care of it? A puppy is a lot of work, and Reince should wait until he can share more of the burden. Whether or not you support his party’s platforms, you have to admit that this is the only responsible move.

3. Flying with a dog can be stressful: Whoever you’re supporting this November, the fact is that Reince Priebus is traveling a lot right now. He has a family in Wisconsin, a job in DC, and he’ll surely be visiting some critical swing states this fall. The logistics of flying with a dog are very complex. It might be easier to manage if he chooses to fly private, but this comes with its own set of political pitfalls. Objectively, it would be better for him to steer clear of this mess.

4. He needs to focus on uniting a broken party: There are thousands of opinions on the GOP, but it should be obvious to everyone that Priebus has his work cut out for him if he wants to secure a Republican victory come fall. Getting a dog right now would only further complicate an already enormous task.

5. It might distract from his message: Every single choice Reince Priebus makes is under the microscope. If he got a dog in spite of all the reasons listed here, he’d risk creating an unnecessary and unwelcome sideshow. That’s not politics—that’s being pragmatic.

6. It’s something he can look forward to: Even if Mr. Priebus’ heart is really set on getting a dog, why not let the dog be the light at the end of the tunnel? After this bitterly divisive election is over, there will be plenty of time for Reince to give his new pet the attention and love it needs. Until then, Democrats, Republicans, and others can agree that there’s simply no need for Reince to rush into it.