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Remote Work FTW: Logitech Has Released A Wireless Mouse That Works From 900 Miles Away

Although it was the onset of last year’s COVID-19 pandemic that forced many workplaces to begin operating remotely, work-from-home has now become the norm, and thankfully, one computer company has stepped up to make remote work easier than ever: Logitech has released a wireless mouse that works from up to 900 miles away.

Awesome! This is a total game changer! 

While traditional mice can only be used in close proximity to the computer they’re synced to, Logitech’s new mouse uses long-range Bluetooth compatibility that will allow workers to use it as long as they’re within 900 miles of their work computer. Logitech has revealed that the mouse runs on solar power, which means you won’t even need to bring a charger in your carry-on as you head to the Outer Banks to work remotely for the week—just grab your mouse and start clicking away while you sip a daiquiri and enjoy the sunshine.

“Employees need equipment to match their remote work lifestyles, and thanks to our most accurate track sensor yet, this new mouse can be used on any surface, including picnic tables, patio furniture, and even sandy beach towels,” said Logitech in a press statement on their website. “Whether you’re at a gorgeous lakeside chateau or luxury day spa, you can now toggle seamlessly between spreadsheets and email on a computer screen that’s four states away.”

Hell yes! What an awesome invention. This is going to make working remotely so much more pleasant for so many people, which will be a major boon as the work-from-home lifestyle becomes more and more common. Hats off to Logitech for this one!