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Security Failure: EpiPen’s Database Of Everyone Who’s Allergic To Bees Has Been Obtained By Bees

If you or someone you know has a bee allergy, you need to read this right now.

Large consumer data hacks have had devastating impacts on countless Americans, but this recent leak may be the most serious yet: EpiPen’s database of everyone who is allergic to bees has been obtained by bees.

This is absolutely sickening.

EpiPen is scrambling after discovering the breach in its system a few hours ago, and company officials are advising all customers to stay inside until further notice while they figure out just how much data the bees have now. They are also recommending that severely allergic people place towels under their doors and keep their EpiPen primed and hovering just above their thigh with their back to a wall for safety.

“We do not know what they plan to do with it, but we can confirm that bees have a list of everyone who has ever purchased an EpiPen,” reads a prepared statement published on the company’s website. “Bees have your information now. We are very sorry.”

Wow. The most bone-chilling part of all this is not knowing how extensive the hack is. It’s really impossible to overstate how much danger EpiPen has potentially put its customers in. Everyone, stay safe, and make sure to avoid bees at all costs.