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Shattering The Glass Ceiling: It Is Finally Acceptable For Women To Cry At Work

It’s no secret that workplaces in our country are still deeply misogynistic environments, but with her 2016 bid for the president of the United States, Hillary Clinton worked tirelessly to not just be elected but to also break down barriers for women everywhere. Today marks a big win for gender equality, because the glass ceiling has been shattered, and it is finally acceptable for women to cry at work!

That’s right, ladies. It’s time to iron those pantsuits and put on those heels, because the day has finally come when it’s totally fine to sob openly in your office, and there’s nothing men can do to stop you!

For far too long, women have been marginalized, written off, and told that there are certain things they can never achieve. But today, that all ends, because women are coming into work and crying at several unpredictable intervals throughout the entire day with absolutely zero negative consequences. As of now, it seems like anything is possible, because from the boardroom to the lab, women across the country are stepping up and owning their shit, skulking around their offices with puffy eyes and tears streaming down their faces, no ducking into the stairwell necessary.

It’s 2016, baby, so if you have two X chromosomes, you better lean the hell in! This news has got us like:

Considering that just a short while ago, most women were expected to be homemakers, it’s incredible to think that our nation has gotten to the point where not one, but all women can come to work and cry loudly in and around their workplaces, no questions asked. Just 100 years ago, women couldn’t even attend college, but now it is not only acceptable, but even expected that this morning, women went straight to the bathroom and cried uncontrollably out of anger or fear or downright despair!

Yaaaaas, queen!

Thankfully, today will go down as a huge victory for women, because we can show our daughters and our granddaughters that right now, it’s fine for their mothers to break down and spray a pool of mascara-soaked tears all over their desks. At this historic moment, the glass ceiling is totally shattered, and there’s absolutely no way it’s going back up!