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So Awesome: This Couple Cut Into Their Gender Reveal Cake And A Swarm Of Locusts Flew Out To Indicate Their Baby Will Be An Old Man Who Eats Them Immediately After Being Born

There have been many memorable gender reveal videos on the internet over the years, but looks like we now have a strong candidate for the best one of all time: When this couple cut into their gender reveal cake, a swarm of locusts flew out to indicate that their baby would be an old man who eats them immediately after being born.

This is so awesome! This lucky couple must be so overcome with emotion right now.

Last week, Stacey and Robert Melrose of West Hartford, CT gathered their friends and family in their yard so that they could cut into a cake that would reveal the gender of the couple’s first child, who is due in three months. Everyone was so excited to find out what color the cake would be inside, and they started clapping and laughing with delight when Stacey and Robert cut into the cake and unleashed a massive swarm of locusts that blocked out the sun and quickly began devouring all the grass and vegetation in the vicinity. Everyone present knew that these locusts meant that Stacey was pregnant with a full-grown, elderly man who, immediately upon being born, would eat both of his parents alive.

What a cute way to find out your child is a malevolent geezer who is going to devour you as soon as he emerges from the womb!

An adorable video taken by one of the couple’s friends shows the couple crying tears of joy as tens of thousands of locusts billow out of the cake and overtake the yard while Stacey and Robert look on in silence. One of Robert’s friends shouts, “Congratulations! Your wife’s pregnant an ancient warlock who’s going to eat you before doctors even cut his umbilical cord!”

Uh, we’re not crying. You’re crying!

The surprise reveal wouldn’t have been possible without an assist from the couple’s doctor, William Bradley, who helped facilitate the big surprise by sharing the ultrasound results with the local bakery that created the incredible locust-filled cake for the big reveal.

“When I looked at the sonogram, I knew immediately that Stacey was pregnant with a 7-foot-tall, 150-year-old man who was desperate to eat both his parents,” said Dr. Bradley. “I was tempted to tell them about how, after their ancient son finished consuming their flesh, he would escape into the air vents of the hospital where he would live off of rats and cockroaches for three weeks before dying, but I ultimately decided to honor their request that I stay mum about the results so it could be a surprise at their party.”

Just beautiful!

Congratulations to Stacey and Robert on this incredibly happy news, and best of luck to them as they get ready to bring a hideous, shrieking old man who will eat them alive into the world. It will truly be the most special day of their lives!