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‘Star Wars’ Fans Rejoice! This New App Lets You Take Pictures Of Objects In Your Home And Tells You If Chewbacca Would Die If He Ate Them

The Last Jedi is only a few months away, but for true Star Wars fans, that could feel like a lifetime. Luckily, something really cool just came along to tide them over until then: This new app lets you take pictures of any object and tells you if Chewbacca would die if he ate it!

Now please excuse us while we totally geek out for a sec.

Released this week, WookieeEat lets users take a picture of any object in their home and find out in seconds whether or not Chewbacca would die from eating it, offering both hardcore Star Wars fans and young newcomers the chance to bring a little bit of a galaxy far, far away into the real world. All users have to do is point their camera at a household item like a towel or a toaster oven, take a picture of it, and wait for the app to tell them if Chewbacca would be able to survive after swallowing the item, or if eating the item would kill him.

The best part? George Lucas himself was consulted during the app’s development process, so fans can trust that WookieeEat’s verdicts are 100 percent authentic and an official part of the Star Wars canon.

Sound cool? Here it is in action:

Even for true Star Wars nuts, the app offers no shortage of surprises. While we’d all expect things like bleach and detergent to kill Chewbacca, you might not have thought that cinnamon, coffee beans, or paper would wreak fatal havoc on his guts, too! On the other hand, it turns out Chewbacca can survive on ceramic mugs, shampoo, and window-unit air conditioners! WookieeEat even lets you know when something won’t kill Chewbacca but will still make him sick, like duct tape, which gives him blurred vision but somehow makes him stronger, or packing peanuts, which make Chewbacca feel like he’s dying but won’t actually kill him.

So yeah, it looks like we just found our new favorite app! The Last Jedi may still be months away, but thanks to WookieeEat, we’ve got an amazing interactive experience to give us all the Star Wars action we need between now and then.