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The ‘New York Times’ New Viral Advertising Campaign Is Taking The Internet By Storm

The 164-year-old New York Times has never been one to be on the cutting edge of new digital trends. But America’s most iconic newspaper is changing all that with a truly modern and majorly awesome approach to advertising: posting ads to social media sites disguised as comments from fake people!

And the internet is absolutely loving it. Just check out this viral example below from a recent status update on Will Smith’s Facebook page:

And this one from Demi Lovato’s Instagram:

So. Much. Win.

The New York Times isn’t just targeting celebrity pages. Here is an advertisement nestled into a popular Reddit post:

Competition, take note! When it comes to viral marketing, the Times is crushing it!

The 117-time Pulitzer Prize–winning newspaper has moved on from paywalls and direct mailing campaigns to viral digital ads that match the modern internet voice, and has been reaping the benefits! Here’s another kickass NYT ad post on the YouTube video for “Gangnam Style.”

So keep an eye out for these cool New York Times ads all around the web and repost them on your favorite social media sites! Keep being awesome, NYT!