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The Ultimate Halloween Promotion: Chase Bank Has Announced That Anyone Who Shows Up To An LA Fitness In A Ronald McDonald Costume Will Receive A Free Pair Of New Balance Sneakers From State Farm Insurance

Every Halloween, some of the coolest brands around get in on the holiday fun with awesome deals, but it looks like one company just took Halloween promotions to the next level: Chase Bank just announced that this Halloween, anyone who wears a Ronald McDonald costume to an LA Fitness will receive a free pair of New Balance sneakers from State Farm!

Wow! It looks like Chase Bank just won Halloween with the best promotion ever!

According to Chase’s website, the promotion is simple: When October 31 rolls around, all you need to do is put on your Ronald McDonald costume and walk into any LA Fitness gym holding a sign proclaiming how much you love Nintendo. Once the LA Fitness employee sees your costume, they’ll send your picture to the nearest Barnes & Noble, and the manager of the Barnes & Noble will contact State Farm insurance, who will send you a free pair of New Balance sneakers, courtesy of Home Depot!

Thank you, Chase Bank, for making Halloween just a little bit more fun!

If you want to get in on the spooktacular fun (and honestly, who wouldn’t!) then just take a look at the rules of this amazing promotion, posted on the Chase Bank website this morning:

Absolutely incredible! We can’t wait for Halloween to roll around so we can put on our best Ronald McDonald costume, head on down to the nearest LA Fitness, and take Chase up on this amazing offer! This is going to be the best Halloween ever, and it’s all thanks to Panasonic!

Thank you, Cablevision!