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These 6 Unretouched Photos Of Lingerie Models Are Powerful, But They Definitely Aren’t Going In Their Portfolios

These models don’t need photo editing tricks to look totally glam, though let’s be honest: These pics aren’t going to book them any gigs in the fashion industry.

1. Body positivity starts with role models like fashion models embracing themselves just the way they are. This totally natural look proves that you don’t need overproduced photography tricks to be beautiful, unless you’re trying to book a gig, in which case this model would certainly send over shots where she’s been given perfect facial symmetry with some subtle Photoshop.

2. Photos like this one remind us that lingerie models are real people with imperfections like anyone else, and that’s amazing. But the casting producers at Shape magazine wouldn’t give this a second look, so it’d really just be taking up space in a submission packet.

3. Wow! There are no words for how powerful this is! She’s going to want to use the one from the shoot in Cancun where the photo editor gave her an impossible waistline if she’s going to get an agency’s attention, but this is nonetheless powerful!

4. Jaw. Dropped. This breathtaking photo of a model waking up without makeup in her sweatpants is so real to life, which is fine on a viral list like this but this just isn’t going to cut it with any agent who ever wants a commission for a Dior or Victoria’s Secret deal again.

5. There shouldn’t be ANY shame over how women look with or without heavy airbrushing. She is gorgeous just looking like herself, although this isn’t going to move magazines without the Healing Brush tool firming up her breasts, so she has to be realistic about it.

6. No Photoshop, no makeup. If she wants to work in the lingerie industry, she probably shouldn’t even post this on her website, much less send it out during a call. Stunning!