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Tinder Fail: 7 Profile Photos Of Men Frowning And Pulling Out Their Empty Pockets That We Are Definitely Swiping Left On

There are lots of hot guys on Tinder, but it’s also got its share of dudes who need to get a clue when it comes to how to take a proper profile picture. Here are seven of the worst offenders.

1. No, Jeff, no! What were you thinking? Girls don’t want to see the insides of your empty pockets. We’re swiping left on this one so fast that we might break our thumb.

2. Ewww. Okay, Mike is actually kind of cute, but with literally thousands of guys with their pockets turned right-side-in to choose from on Tinder, who in their right mind is going to go out with you? Plus, who knows when you might hop the next train, so it would be hard to plan a date two.

3. David, my dude. Not only are you turning your pockets inside out to draw attention that you got fleeced by that traveling gum salesmen, but you also cropped your face out? Strike one, strike two. Step it up!

4. Steve, Steve, Steve. We can practically see the little moth flying out of your wallet right now. Also, would it kill you to smile? Maybe if you weren’t so glum, you’d have two dimes to rub together and a little place by the creek to call your own!

5. Yikes! Are we supposed to be impressed that you’ve got a spider living in your pocket? Sorry, but you need to get a clue about what women want and grow up a little. File this one under “major fail.”

6. Older guys can be hot, but please, please, please, people: At least try to seem like you’re from this century! Pulling your empty pockets out may have been a big turn-on to women back during the Civil War or whatever, but come on. Hard pass.

7. Wow. What, did you go into your daddy’s closet and put on his fanciest big boy suit just so you could pull the empty pockets out for your Tinder profile picture? Look, Juan, there’s nothing wrong with a guy trying to look presentable, but try to wear something you would actually normally wear in your profile pic, because this outfit screams “trying way too hard” to us.