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We Asked 22 Women What Bats Taste Like And Most Of Them Didn’t Know But 2 Of Them Did

Twenty-two women. One simple question: “What do bats taste like?”

Mallory, 30 – “I don’t know.”

Ellen, 46 – “I don’t know.”

Anna, 51 – “I’ve never had bat before.”

Nicole, 25 – “I don’t know.”

Virginia, 40 – “Do people eat bats?”

Belle, 68 – “I don’t have the slightest idea.”

Doreen, 32 – “Probably something like chicken, but I don’t know.”

Katherine, 31 – “I don’t know.”

Maureen, 42 – “I don’t know.”

Mikayla, 36 – “I don’t know.”

Eva, 82 – “I don’t know.”

Jo, 25 – “I don’t know.”

Hannah, 27 – “Bats, like the animal? I don’t know.”

Helen, 20 – “I don’t know.”

Susanna, 60 – “Pretty tangy, in general. It depends on the preparation, of course, and on the type of bat. The flying fox bat, which is my favorite type of bat to eat, has somewhat tough flesh that softens up when you roast it or bake it for long enough. With the right amount of garlic and peppers, it’s delicious. But the smell of a bat while it’s cooking is disgusting.”

Dayna, 29 – “I don’t know.”

Catherine, 40 – “I’m not sure.”

Nora, 28 – “Really great.”

Lexi, 34 – “I don’t know.”

Johanna, 41 – “I don’t know at all.”

Alice, 68 – “That’s a strange question. I wouldn’t know.”

Penny, 29 – “I don’t know.”