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We Nasty! 6 Catfish Who I Am Eskimo Brothers With

These six catfish? I’m Eskimo brothers with every last one of them. Mmmhmm, that’s right. We’ve slept with the same person at different points in time, ‘cause hey, with the way we get around? Someone’s ALWAYS bound to be getting sloppy seconds, hahaaa! We nasty like that! 

If you’re rounding this catfish’s river, he’s getting a taste. Oh yes. Nothing’s off limits for him, not even my girlfriend of four years. When we broke up, he didn’t wait one damn week before he swept in and got his—and I wasn’t even mad! Game respects game! As long as you give me The Details (i.e. how nasty you got with it), my little black book is your little black book! And you KNOW he gave me the details. Just two sexual soldiers, swappin’ stories from the frontlines. I love it!

This catfish right here? He hooked it up for me! See, he’s got a bonafide stable of fuck-guppies. He’s got Options. He’s got a new soup of the day, every day of the week. Mmmmhmm. And he likes to spread the wealth too (I think it turns him on! He gets freaky like that!). He was all too happy to make an introduction between me and this long-whiskered little sexy he got Biblical with in Lake Texoma—so long as I gave him The Details, of course. Let me just say: Good god. Good GOD. Those Lake Texoma mud girls…I don’t know what they got in the water down there, but those fish get NASTY with it in ways that’d make the Devil blush. He got his. I got mine. What else is there to say? All in a day’s work, hahaaaa!

When we found out we laid pipe with the same fuck-guppy…on the very same night??? We simply had to laugh! At first, I thought we were mistaken. The ink hadn’t even dried in our sexual ledgers, and there we were, him smelling my fingers, and me smelling his fish penis. There was no denying it: We’d soaked in the same suds. I just thank God she let me hit it first (ha!). We did get tested afterwards, though. A fuck-guppy that gives it up that easy? Hey, respect, she gets hers! But still, you have to get tested, just in case. It’s not personal! That’s just the game, is all! Free love! Catfish and humans are sexual beings!

Meet the Twins. They do EVERYTHING together. And I mean EVERYTHING! Some brothers are just into that, I guess—hey now, I don’t judge! That’s some people’s thing, is all! Take my new girl, for example. We have an “open” arrangement, if you know what I mean (she gets hers, I get mine!). In fact, on the very night we agreed to a relationship on those terms—literally hours later that night!—she let the Twins plug her up. She came home dripping Twins. Was I surprised? Sure, a little. Was I mad? No!!! More power to her! All I asked her was next time, maybe we could make it a ménage à quatre? You know me! I’ll try anything once…hahaaaaa! Sex is incredible!

Without a doubt, this is the most sexually active catfish I’ve ever met in my life. He’s prolific and humble in equal measure. He doesn’t kiss-and-tell. He just gets his, and lets the females spread the gospel of their own volition! His mack is legendary. Every fuck-guppy I’ve ever pumped on has let him run train on them in the past, or inevitably will in the future. The only certain things in life are death, taxes, and this catfish making you climax so hard that you literally forget whether you are a mammal or a fish. Hell, knowing this catfish’s body count? He’s probably Eskimo brothers with you too!