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When This Waitress Told A Customer About Her Financial Woes, He Made Her Pay Him $100 For Bumming Him Out

A waitress in Gainesville, FL received the surprise of a lifetime this weekend. After she talked to a customer about her financial hardships, he decided to give her a $100 invoice for totally bumming him out!

Amanda Greene, a server at Gainesville’s Breakfast Nook Café, was working her usual Sunday afternoon shift when she found herself talking to restaurant patron Ronald Davis about her massive debt and recent eviction notice. What she didn’t expect is what Ronald did next.

“She was saying how bad her money troubles were,” said Ronald. “Her ex left her with a bunch of debt and won’t pay child support, and her building was going to kick her out. I felt like I had to do something.”

So, when it came time to pay the bill, he wrote “You have to pay me $100 for being a huge downer” on the tip line.


What do you think? Was $100 a fair price to charge? Let us know in the comments!