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Whoa: Elijah Wood Got RIPPED For His Directorial Debut

Damn. Looks like Elijah Wood packed on the muscle for his directorial debut, and so far, we like what we see.

Elijah has always been cute, but to become a director, the petite actor transformed himself into a grade-A hunk. Every inch of this chiseled Adonis is covered in rippling walls of muscle. He can’t even sit in his director’s chair without the wooden frame sagging under the weight of this endless beefcake.

Here’s what Elijah’s personal trainer, Willem Madison, had to say:

“Elijah’s on a strict diet of lean protein and veggies, and he does 90-minute full-body workouts every day of the week. On top of that, he takes four kickboxing lessons a month to prepare himself for the post-production process.”

Wow. We can’t wait to see this movie! With a bulky Elijah Wood behind the camera, how could it possibly be bad?