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Whoa: Morgan Made The Mandatory Field-Trip T-Shirt Look Cute

There’s nothing fashionable about being made to wear the same outfit as your classmates, but don’t tell that to Morgan. Because just when you thought there was no way she could pull it off, Morgan somehow managed to make the mandatory field-trip T-shirt look cute.

Of course Morgan pulled this off. Morgan is perfect.

From rolling up the sleeves to cutting up the sides, Morgan was totally rocking her “Alton Parker High D.C. Trip 2017” T-shirt all day, proving that she can make any outfit look amazing. While most students settled for wearing a baggy shirt that hung well below their waistlines, Morgan cut off the excess length, turning a shirt that was originally two sizes too big into a flowing summery top. Plus, Morgan didn’t make a big deal when Haley from Mrs. Moore’s group totally copied her idea, but it didn’t look nearly as good.

Ugh, Morgan, how are you so good at everything.

Even though the D.C.-trip shirts were an ugly neon green color, Morgan ingeniously took that as an opportunity to accessorize even further, and picked up some matching sandals that pulled the whole outfit together from head to toe. Perhaps most impressive of all was what Morgan did with the neckline, as she cut it a bit lower but just within school dress policy guidelines, and she looks like maybe she could totally be a college freshman.

It’s Morgan’s world, and we’re all living it.

All in all, Morgan proved why she’s the coolest girl in class. She deserves a lot of credit, because when it comes to field-trip fashion, there’s no one at Alton B. Parker High School quite as skilled as she is. We love you, Morgan!