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Whoa: This Third-Grader Has A Hundred Dollars

Eight-year-old Henry Loeffler just let us in on a pretty cool secret. After counting up his savings, he says that he now has one hundred dollars—$106, if you take into account the Sacagawea dollars his grandpa gave him for helping rake the yard.

That’s right: triple digits.

“I have some twenties, a bunch of fives, a few tens, and some ones,” said Henry, noting that he doesn’t have much change anymore because his mom took him to the Coinstar machine at the grocery store. “I would’ve had a hundred dollars sooner, but I got a rain stick at the zoo and had to buy it with my own money.”

Combining the five dollars he gets each week in allowance for doing his chores with the 16 dollars he’s received in the past year for losing his remaining baby teeth, Henry proudly tells us that he earned all 100 dollars on his own without any help. We tried to get him to show us the money, but he says that his mom won’t let him carry it around.

Instead, he just keeps a slip of paper in his velcro White Sox wallet that reads “106 $” to remind himself of how much he has, while his real fortune is hidden in two plastic Easter eggs stowed away at the bottom of his underwear drawer.

With a hundred dollars, Henry can buy pretty much anything. So, how is he going to spend it?

“I wanna get Hobbit Legos and my own Christmas tree for my room,” he said. “And if there’s any money left after that, I’ll buy a rose for Mom and some tropical Starbursts.”

Henry also said that his sister, who is 5, only has 30 dollars.