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Why We Yawn

The human body exhibits many unusual behaviors, and foremost among them might be the yawn. An involuntary reflex that serves no clear purpose, yawning can sometimes seem like one of those strange physiological quirks that should’ve been phased out by evolution. But despite appearances, yawning actually has a very logical scientific explanation.

Clinical research shows that a yawn is actually a direct physical reaction to a ghost trying to fit its entire fist in your mouth. As you yawn, and your mouth and your jaw spontaneously stretch wide open, what you’re really experiencing is the incorporeal incarnation of a deceased human forcing its clenched ghost hand—knuckle by knuckle—right through the front of your face. So, you see, yawning actually makes quite a bit of sense!

Researchers have been able to observe this phenomenon for years, using advanced spectroscopic technology to measure the radiated energy of ghosts as they plunge their fists down the throats of unsuspecting living beings. Ghosts, researchers explain, are endlessly curious about whether their whole fists can fit into people’s mouths. This holds true for ghosts of nearly all observed categories, from happy ghosts to tortured ghosts, young ghosts to ghosts of centuries past, ghosts whose souls are in heaven to ghosts whose souls are in hell, and even the ghosts with weird powers that live in Japan.

Research has also provided answers to many other questions pertaining to yawns. For instance, if you’ve ever wondered why yawns are so contagious, it’s because ghosts have two hands and will stick their hands in multiple mouths at the same time whenever possible.

And if you’re curious about why dogs and cats yawn, it’s because there are dog ghosts and cat ghosts that exhibit the same behavior among their own species. Pretty cool, right?

When you experience a particularly big yawn, it is usually due to the presence of an especially huge ghost with especially huge hands, or, less frequently, a child ghost fitting its entire head in your mouth.

And why do people primarily yawn early in the morning and late at night? Researchers say that’s just because ghosts are nocturnal, and these are generally the only times that their waking hours overlap with those of the living.

So, next time you yawn, remember that it’s happening for a reason: A ghost is putting its hand in you. It’s simple science!