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You Do You, Queen: Grandma Just Used The Litter Box

When you reach a certain age, you’ve just gotta throw caution to the wind and do your own thing. Here’s the perfect example of someone who’s been on this planet for long enough that they refuse to live on anyone’s terms besides their own: Grandma just used the litter box. 

Go OFF, Queen! You do you. 

Grandma decided to fully live in the moment and just go for it this weekend when the entire family gathered for a barbecue. Without requesting permission or making any apologies, she pushed her way through the crowded kitchen, entered the mud room, hovered over the litter box, dropped trou, and went both number one and number two like she’d done it thousands of times before. She then buried her entire mess in Tidy Cats with a few quick swipes of her foot and headed back into the kitchen to finish the citrus salad she was whipping up as if nothing had happened. 

While Grandma’s beeline to use the litter box certainly raised a few eyebrows, we’re totally gonna let this one slide. This woman raised six kids in a farmhouse without plumbing and had two brothers who were killed in World War II. If she wants to go pee and poo the way a cat does, she can have at it. 

Love ya, Grams! If this is your thing, then this is our thing. 

Life is precious, and who knows how long Grandma has left on this planet. Who are we to tell a woman who’s survived cancer twice and lost an eye getting kicked by a horse where she can or can’t piss and shit? If using the litter box makes her happy, we aren’t going to rob her of that in her twilight years. We don’t have to love everything our aging relatives do, but we have to respect it. Grandma, you’ve earned the right to shit in a plastic tub on the floor in front of everyone you know and then some.