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Your Move, Netflix: Hulu Just Secured The Exclusive Rights To Stream Helen Mirren’s Death

A major shot has just been fired in the streaming wars.

As the number of on-demand streaming services continues to swell, it’s a dog-eat-dog world for platforms to land major movies, TV shows, and specials. This morning, Hulu totally shook up the whole game and sent Netflix and Amazon scrambling to keep up: Hulu has announced that they’ve acquired exclusive rights to stream Helen Mirren’s death, whenever it occurs.

Wow. This is a huge win for Hulu and a sign that the streaming service is seriously committed to building up its stable of programs.

Whether Helen Mirren dies of old age, perishes from a disease, or suffers an untimely accident, the footage will only be available with a Hulu subscription. People who only have Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Go90 are out of luck, unless they have a friend who can invite them over to watch the graceful British actor’s final moments.

Unfortunately, Helen Mirren’s death will have ad breaks, unless you subscribe to Hulu’s more expensive, commercial-free service for $11.99 a month. If you’re a fan of Mirren’s incredible talent (and who isn’t?) you’re definitely going to want to pony up the extra bucks to see her demise without interruption. The emotional six-part special will also feature heart-wrenching interviews with Mirren’s friends, family, and former lovers, as well as the official unsealing and reading of her will.

Um, yeah. This is must-see TV for the digital age.

Like movie fans everywhere, we hope that Helen Mirren is around for years to come. But the moment her time comes, we’ll be glued to Hulu liked everyone else. This huge get totally blows Gilmore Girls and Series Of Unfortunate Events out of the water—let’s just see if Netflix takes all this sitting down.