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10 Things Moms In The ’80s Said To Their Kids That They Could Never Say Today

Things sure were different back then. Read this list to take a trip down memory lane!

1. “Hello, my big-haired neon child. A hearty ‘Where’s the beef?’ to you too.”

2. “You know you have to eat all your ’80s food before you can go outside and play!”

3. “It’s been one week since the famous spaceship Challenger exploded.”

4. “Madonna. Def Leppard. Madonna. Def Leppard. Madonna. Def Leppard. Madonna. Def Leppard. No pogs.”

5. “You cannot have an iPod. The living man Steve Jobs hasn’t invented that yet.”

6. “Number one: Back To The Future, $211 million. Number two: Rambo: First Blood Part II, $150 million. Number three: Rocky IV, $128 million. Number four: The Color Purple, $94 million. Number five: Out Of Africa, $87 million. Number six: Cocoon, $76 million. Number seven: The Jewel Of The Nile, $76 million. Number eight: Witness, $69 million. Number nine: The Goonies, $61 million. Number 10: Spies Like Us, $60 million. Those were the top 10 movies at the box office in 1985, a year from this decade.”

7. “You’re grounded, ’80s child! No ARPANET or California Raisins commercials for a week.”

8. “Seems like the president of the ’80s was just shot by the scoundrel Hinckley Jr.”

9. “Gorbachev.”

10. “Put your car seat in the front and don’t wear a helmet. It’s time to go for a ride in the ’80s.”