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Are You A Carrie, A Samantha, Or Several Samanthas?

392326 28: Left to right, actresses Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis pose for a portrait in an undated photo on the set of the HBO series "Sex and the City." (Photo Courtesy of HBO/Getty Images)

Are You A Carrie, A Samantha, Or Several Samanthas?

If you’re a Sex And The City fan, this quiz will help you figure out which of the characters on the show is 100% you! Are you a Carrie, a Samantha, or a whole bunch of Samanthas?

It’s Friday night in New York City! Where can you typically be found?

1. Treating myself to a post-work manicure
2. Ordering a Cosmo, STAT
3. Piling into the back of a bike rickshaw in the East Village with three people who are genetically identical to me and ordering the driver in perfect unison to take us to the Union Square PetCo

You’ve just met a new guy. How do you introduce him to your friends at brunch?

1. A simple “Ladies, this is Paul” will do
2. Introduce him? I’m hoping to kick him out by Monday!
3. Hoist him up so that he’s lying facedown above our heads and then parade him around the restaurant a few times while chanting “BOYFRIEND! BOYFRIEND! HE BELONGS TO WE!”

If you could design your bedroom however you wanted, what would it look like?

What three words describe you best?

1. Femenine, thoughtful, and romantic
2. Bold, sexy, and confident
3. The Howling Mob

Tell us your dream job!

1. Bestselling author
2. PR director extraordinaire
3. Simultaneously filling all the positions on a Kia Soul assembly line

Pick your go-to snack:

It’s a rainy Sunday evening. What’s your ideal night in?

1. Drinking a cup of tea while online shopping and getting ready for the week
2. Really? “Night in” is not in my vocabulary.
3. Laying down head-to-toe in a line on the floor of our apartment and seeing if we can stretch all the way from the front door to the master bathroom!

You went on an incredible date last week, but he hasn’t called you back yet. What do you do?

1. Send a straightforward “Hey!” text to see what’s on his mind
2. Too late — I’ve moved on!
3. Create a human ladder up to his apartment window and bust it open. Yell “GIVE US KISS! GIVE US KISS!” until he calls the police.

Favorite exercise?

1. 45 minutes on the stairmaster
2. Does sex count as exercise?
3. Taking up all the available slots in a Zumba class and working out in perfect synchronicity

What’s your perfect vacation destination?

1. New York City
2. Los Angeles
3. The ditch we crawled out of in Ohio all those years ago

How much do you weigh?

1. 125 pounds
2. 130 pounds
3. 850 pounds collectively

All 11 questions completed!

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Are You A Carrie, A Samantha, Or Several Samanthas?

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