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Can You Tell The Difference Between The Real Mrs. Lisa And An Imposter?

Can You Tell The Difference Between The Real Mrs. Lisa And An Imposter?


Everyone knows that Mrs. Lisa is a 64-year-old graphic designer with a penchant for gardening and a heart of gold. However, the world is full of imposters looking to steal a piece of her notoriety for themselves. Can you tell the difference between the real Mrs. Lisa and an imposter? Take this quiz to find out!

Let’s start off with an easy one. Mrs. Lisa loves to relax after a long day of graphic design by sitting really still in her garden. Which of these women having a nice time outside is the real Mrs. Lisa?

Mrs. Lisa is absolutely gorgeous, unlike her graphic design nemesis, Carla Rotino!

Mrs. Lisa runs a very successful graphic design company with friendly services and competitive rates. Unfortunately, there are several false companies run by imposters who are pretending to be Mrs. Lisa just to make a quick buck. Which of these graphic design companies is the real Mrs. Lisa’s?

1. Mrs. Lisa’s Graphic Design Studio
2. Miss Lisa Graphic Design
3. #1 Best Graphic Design Studio (BY MRS. LISA)
4. Mrs. Lisa’s Great Designs

The name of the real Mrs. Lisa’s company is straightforward and to the point – just like Mrs. Lisa herself! Do not hire the fraudulent companies for graphic designs!

Though Mrs. Lisa has many imposters, none are more evil than Carla Rotino. Carla Rotino resents Mrs. Lisa because Mrs. Lisa is a better graphic designer than she is, so now she spends all her time impersonating Mrs. Lisa for her own demented gain.

1. She will never be Mrs. Lisa.

We love you, Mrs. Lisa!

For fun, Mrs. Lisa likes to pop on her reading glasses and read “Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban.” She’s been reading it for the past twelve years and she hopes to finish it soon! Which one of these photos show the real Mrs. Lisa wearing her reading glasses?

Mrs. Lisa is the one who is totally radiant! Everyone else is a nobody loser imposter, especially Carla Rotino, whose heart is a bottomless pit of darkness!

One time, Carla Rotino showed up at the real Mrs. Lisa’s house, and when Mrs. Lisa’s live-in boyfriend opened the door, Carla said, “It’s me, your live-in girlfriend Mrs. Lisa.” The live-in boyfriend was skeptical that it was really Mrs. Lisa, so Carla held up her hand and said, “If I weren’t the real Mrs. Lisa, would this be my hand? Come now, let’s go on a boat together.” The live-in boyfriend agreed and spent the next six weeks with a FALSE Mrs. Lisa AKA Carla Rotino on an Alaskan cruise. Meanwhile, the real Mrs. Lisa presumed that he died, so she dumped his ass and got a different live-in boyfriend. Are you able to tell which is the real Mrs. Lisa’s hand?

Only the real Mrs. Lisa’s hand is capable of incredible graphic design! The imposter hands have never even downloaded Adobe Photoshop, let alone mastered it!

Mrs. Lisa has an incredible scent that fills a room whenever she enters. What does the real Mrs. Lisa smell like?

1. Ocean
2. Rotten moss
3. Chicken Vesuvio
4. Amazing flowers

Mrs. Lisa smells like flowers because she spends so much time sitting still like a statue in her garden. If you smell any other scent, you should RUN and HIDE because you’ve encountered an imposter, possibly even the EVIL Carla Rotino!

Let’s make things a little more difficult: Whenever Mrs. Lisa reads something shocking in “Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban,” she sends a text to her live-in boyfriend. What did the real Mrs. Lisa most recently text her live-in boyfriend?

1. “Sirius Black - GOOD?!?”
2. “I am on page 3 of the book.”
3. “I wish to meet a Hippogriff. Make that happen for me.”
4. “Harry just saved himself from the Dementors!”

Mrs. Lisa was incredibly surprised to learn that Sirius Black was wrongfully imprisoned in Azkaban. Keep reading, Mrs. Lisa! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on what comes next!

Mrs. Lisa’s aging pet ferret means the world to her. Which of these is the real Mrs. Lisa’s pet ferret? Here’s a hint: Mrs. Lisa’s ferret is the cutest one!

Mrs. Lisa’s pet ferret is named Mrs. Phoebe. Although Mrs. Phoebe is 12 years old, which is extremely elderly for a ferret, she will outlive all of Mrs. Lisa’s imposters.

Mrs. Lisa puts her graphic design skills to use every year to send out an awesome Christmas card. Which of these photos was the real Mrs. Lisa’s 2019 Christmas card?

Mrs. Lisa’s card is awesome, unlike the terrible one that Carla Rotino made on behalf of all of the Mrs. Lisa imposters!

Although Mrs. Lisa wishes she did not have imposters, she accepts her lot in life and prays for them every night. What does the real Mrs. Lisa say every night when she prays?

1. “Please make me more like Mrs. Lisa.”
2. “Dear Lord, please watch over me, my live-in boyfriend, and my incredible ferret, and let all of my imposters find peace. Amen.”
3. “God: Mrs. Lisa prayer. Thank you.”
4. “Hello God, this is Mrs. Lisa AKA Carla Rotino, and I pray that one day I will become Mrs. Lisa.”

The real Mrs. Lisa says a solemn and beautiful prayer, which is why God smiles on her and frowns on her imposters!

All 10 questions completed!

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Can You Tell The Difference Between The Real Mrs. Lisa And An Imposter?

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