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Does Master Like The ‘Which Marvel Superhero Are You?’ Quiz I Have Prepared For Him? Does It Please Master?

Does Master Like The ‘Which Marvel Superhero Are You?’ Quiz I Have Prepared For Him? Does It Please Master?

Oh, Master! You’re here! How wonderful! It is I, your humble servant Grundor! Thank you so much for clicking on my link, Master. Grundor has prepared a lovely quiz for you. A lovely quiz to determine which Marvel superhero you are, Master. Grundor hopes this quiz is pleasing to Master. If it is unsatisfactory, Master must PUNISH Grundor. Now Master will take Grundor’s quiz to find our which Marvel character Master is.

If it is okay with Master, fIrst Grundor will ask Master about his favorite cocktail. This will help Grundor determine if Master is more like Spider-Man, or the Hulk, or Black Widow, or even a different Marvel character. What is Master’s favorite cocktail?

1. Moscow Mule
2. Martini
3. Bloody Mary
4. Cosmopolitan
5. Whiskey, neat
6. This question displeases me, Grundor. It is poorly made.

Grundor will use this information to understand which superhero Master is. If Master is unhappy with these questions, he must YELL at Grundor.

Okay, next question for Master. If Master could have any superpower, what would it be?

1. Super strength
2. Flight
3. The power of the Norse gods
4. Who needs superpowers when I have incredible friends?
5. I hate this question, Grundor. You have failed me yet again.
6. You’re doing such a good job, Grundor! I’m going to dump some almonds onto the floor for you to eat later. I know how much you love floor almonds.

Thank you for your answers so far, Master! Grundor is getting a very good idea of which Marvel character Master is. Now Grundor has a new quiz question that he made just for Master. What is Master’s favorite way to spend a Saturday night?

1. Hanging at a bar with friends
2. An evening in with Netflix and wine
3. Punishing Grundor
4. Meeting a few close friends at a restaurant for dinner and deep conversation
5. Throwing things at Grundor for no reason
6. Cozying up in bed with a good book
7. Letting Grundor crouch under the table while Master eats his dinner so that Grundor can be close to Master

Grundor hopes this question was thrilling for Master!

Grundor must say, Master’s eyes are looking so TINY today. Such beautiful small eyes for Master. Grundor admires Master’s small eyes so much!

1. Thank you, Grundor.
2. How dare you look directly at me, Grundor?

Grundor is getting a clearer idea of which Marvel superhero Master is! Time for the next question in Grundor’s quiz: what is Master’s favorite movie genre?

1. Horror
2. Sci-fi
3. Romantic comedy
4. Movies where Grundor gets to eat almonds off the floor as a treat
5. Thriller
6. Movies where Grundor gets boxed on his wretched ears for displeasing Master

Grundor’s favorite movie is any movie while the beautiful woman named Godzilla destroys Tokyo. Grundor has a big crush on Mrs. Godzilla, but if Master wishes to marry Godzilla instead, Grundor will of course concede the ravishing Godzilla to Master.

What is Master’s favorite way to punish Grundor?

1. Using my spider webs to hang Grundor by his feet from the ceiling
2. Using the super strength I gain from becoming angry to box Grundor’s wretched ears
3. Using my archery skills to shoot Grundor in his disgusting feet
4. Using the power of my Wakandan ancestors to pick Grundor up by his long ears and swing him around like a lasso
5. I could never hurt you, Grundor! You’re my pal!
6. Landing my spaceship on top of Grundor while listening to “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac

Look, Master! Grundor has found some string. String for Master that Grundor found on the floor of a family’s house while they were sleeping. Does Master like the string Grundor found for Master?

1. Yes, that’s some very nice string, Grundor.
2. You miserable wretch! Get this filthy string out of my sight, Grundor! It displeases me greatly!

Oh, Master! Guess what! Grundor lives under the kitchen sink and survives by sucking nutrients out of a dirty sponge!

1. Yes, Grundor, I know

On Christmas, Grundor likes to dip the sponge in soy sauce for an extra flavorful holiday taste!

Now Master must pick a favorite food!

1. Avocado toast
2. Cheeseburger
3. Sushi
4. Chicken wings
5. Floor almonds (just like Grundor!)
6. Mac & cheese
7. Chocolate shake

Grundor had a dream last night where Master winked at him with Master’s tiny eyes! Grundor woke up with a smile.

Now Master must pick a favorite pop star!

1. Ariana Grande
2. Madonna
3. Drake
4. Beyonce
5. Bruno Mars
6. I dislike all of these singers, Grundor. This question displeases me.

Look, Master! Grundor has drawn a picture of Grundor and Master being friends together! Does this please Master?

1. What a lovely picture, Grundor! You’re my pal for sure.
2. This is what you think I look like, Grundor? This is a hideous picture. Throw it in the garbage where it belongs.

Okay, Master. Last question and then Grundor will be able to tell Master what Marvel superhero he is: What do you value the most?

1. Justice
2. Revenge
3. Power
4. Love
5. Family
6. Grundor
7. Money
8. Fame

Grundor hopes Master has found this quiz satisfactory. Now it is time to learn which Marvel superhero Master is.

All 12 questions completed!

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Does Master Like The ‘Which Marvel Superhero Are You?’ Quiz I Have Prepared For Him? Does It Please Master?

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