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Dream Come True: This Dad’s Family Grilled Him For Father’s Day

There are many great ways to show your old man that you appreciate him on Father’s Day, but no matter how much thought or effort you put into your gift, there’s zero chance it will live up to this: This dad’s family grilled him for Father’s Day.

Wow! What an amazing way to say “I love you.”

Peter Wesstock of Denton, Texas is a loving father and grill aficionado, and this Father’s Day his family decided to celebrate him by giving him the ultimate backyard experience of being seasoned, oiled, and grilled to a perfect medium-rare doneness—just like he’s done for countless steaks and pork chops over the years. Peter woke up expecting his three children to present him with a standard grill-related gift like the spice rub kits or cedar smoking planks that they usually give him, but, much to his delight and surprise, they instead led him blindfolded out to the back deck and revealed a large, red-hot charcoal grill with a handmade sign affixed to it reading, “For years you’ve grilled for us, now it’s our turn to grill you! Happy Father’s Day, Dad!” His sons then lifted him up on the grill, brushed him with marinade, and left him to blissfully sizzle over the 500-degree heat. 

Peter was smiling ear to ear as his wife and kids lovingly seared him over the coals, flipping him over every five minutes to ensure an equal cook. After so many summers of thanklessly grilling meals for his family, it was a wonderful treat for him to be able to just kick back, relax, and feel his own flesh crisping up for once. Then, after sticking his favorite meat thermometer into his side to make sure he’d reached an internal temperature of 165, his wife and kids worked together to hoist him off the grill and transfer him over to the picnic table alongside an enormous platter of all his favorite side dishes. And judging from the ecstatic look on his charred, blistered face, it’s clear that Peter got exactly what he wanted. 

So thoughtful!

It’s not every day that a dad is able to step back as grillmaster and get grilled himself, which is why Peter’s family’s gift was so special. Kudos to the Wesstocks for making it a Father’s Day to remember!