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Driving While Under The Age Of 10 And More: How Many Of These Classic Driving Mistakes Have You Made?

No matter how confident you are behind the wheel, there’s no such thing as a perfect driver, and it’s inevitable that you’ll commit a blunder from time to time. How many of these classic driving mistakes have you made?

How Many Of These Classic Driving Mistakes Have You Made?

Check off all the ways you've messed up while driving.

1. Driving on a road that another car is already using
2. Trying to drive a car that’s 40 feet away
3. Driving while under the age of 10
4. Taking your eyes off the road to look at a pretty lady and immediately driving off the Grand Canyon
5. Using the sunroof to dice vegetables while driving
6. Getting fatally T-boned by an 18-wheeler
7. Merging into the girls’ lane when you’re a boy
8. Yelling "honk" instead of pressing the horn
9. Using the turn signal as a metronome while practicing the flute
10. Lying silent and motionless in the trunk instead of driving
11. Failing to Coexist
12. Replacing the airbag with an embarrassing secret that gets announced over your car's speakers at full volume when you get into an accident
13. Getting lost in a corn field while trying to run down the neighbor kid
14. Becoming friends with the windshield
15. Using your car just as a place to hang out for a year before realizing it can drive places
16. Going the right way down a wrong-way street
17. Stopping at a greenlight, getting out, taking off your clothes, climbing onto the roof of your car, squatting, rolling your eyes back into your head, and giving birth to a swarm of locusts
18. Filling the gas tank with memories instead of gas
19. Turning on the hazards every time you have a sinful thought
20. Killing Princess Diana

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How Many Of These Classic Driving Mistakes Have You Made?

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