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Equality Win: They’re Finally Putting A Woman On The American Flag

Well, that took long enough.

After more than 200 years, Old Glory is getting a long-overdue facelift—and it’s one that will finally celebrate and honor the progress made by America’s women. Today, government officials announced the release of the first U.S. flag featuring a female portrait!

It’s about time!

A dedicated congressional committee carefully chose the new design, which features iconic abolitionist Harriet Tubman front and center. That’s right: 13 stripes, 50 stars, and the face of one strong, inspirational woman waving in the wind!

Say goodbye to the days of saluting an outdated flag that doesn’t fairly represent modern America. Sure, our flag is just a symbol, but it’s one that affects the way we think and feel about this country. It may not solve all our problems, but it’s undeniable that this is definitely a step in the right direction.

We can’t wait to place a hand over our heart as America raises a brand-new flag! Awesome.