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Excuse Me, Mr. Trump, Sir, But, Respectfully, Dr. Trump, Mind You, Captain President, Sir, And There's Nothing You Can Do About It, Good Professor!

Sorry, Mr. President, I know you’re a busy man, but if I may, please, I promise to make this quick. For quite some time sir, I’m sure you’re aware, but respectfully, Dr. Trump, mind you, Captain President, sir—and there’s nothing you can do about it, good professor!

That’s right, Mr. Trump, my best friend, the clock is ticking, dear sir, and it’s about time. About damn time, if I may use some unseemly language, my good man and esteemed president!

First of all, honorable Prince Donald, sir, let me say this: Thank you. No really—you’re welcome, Mr. President, sir, and thank you very much. But just a fair warning, if I may, sir, please: you can’t stop it. You see, if I may interrupt further, my devoted Lord Trump, and quite simply, that’s the bottom line! Every minute, wise Commissioner Donald, my dear, it simply cannot continue. It never will. And when it does, by YOUR own hand, on YOUR watch, decent sir, it will be too late.

Can I say that, wise Uncle Trump, sir? Is that ok? I don’t mean to offend—just to tell the truth, doctor.

And if you’ll grant me just another paragraph, Mr. President, my treasured son and judicious father, excuse me, sir, but if I could, dear vicar, please, I absolutely have to ask: but then, I guess that wouldn’t be enough, would it? Not now. Not ever. After all, this was supposed to be YOUR job, strong Chancellor Donald, and here we are, esteemed Trump, sir, and, if I may, it’s starting to get old. With all due respect, mind you, good sir, if it’s alright with you, please, might I add, sir, respectfully:


And I think you know the answer to that, Mr. President. I think we all do, sir. Good luck and may you never die, my brilliant lover, sir!