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Finally: The Makers Of DivaCup Have Announced Plans To Unveil A DivaCup That Is Called Anything Else

DivaCup users, get excited, because your favorite menstrual cup brand has a major announcement that’s seriously going to make your life a whole lot better: The makers of DivaCup have announced plans to unveil a DivaCup that is called anything else. 

Yes! It’s about time!

Earlier today, DivaCup made the bombshell announcement on Instagram by posting a photo of their menstrual cup box with three question marks where the product’s name should be. In the caption, the brand wrote, “For years, DivaCup has been the number one name in the sustainable period product game, which is a shame, because the name is downright horrible. Initially, we thought the average women might like being called a ‘diva,’ but we know now that it’s a word that’s pretty much exclusively used to refer to 1980s lounge singers wrapped up in a feathery boas, and is somehow only made worse when paired with word ‘cup.’”

“Then, we tried to convince ourselves that the word ‘diva’ would come back in style, like how women kind of think it’s fun to call each other ‘slut’ or ‘bitch’ now. We also thought women might like that our product called a ‘cup’ because it does look like a little cup. However, we’ve finally accepted the word ‘diva’ is humiliating, and the word ‘cup’ as it relates to menstrual blood is kind of disgusting. Now we are hard at work on coming up with a name that’s literally anything other than that.”

Awesome! This new era is going to be so much less embarrassing for women who ever want to say the name of their menstrual product aloud!

“Tampon—that’s a pretty good word. Pad—that’s pretty good too,” continued DivaCup on Instagram. “We’re definitely going to try to think of simple one-word stuff along those lines, like ‘Ploomin’ or ‘Klod’ or something like that. Not those exactly though, definitely something better than those. But just something that doesn’t have the word ‘diva’ or the word ‘cup’ anywhere in it at all.” 

This is seriously so cool! It’s great to see DivaCup take ownership for the fact that their name absolutely sucks. Fingers crossed the next name doesn’t suck too!