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Give It A Shot: Quarantine Might Be A Good Time To Punch A Big Hole In Your Wall And Dig Around In There

Hole in the wall close-up

Listen, we know bloggers and lifestyle Instagrammers have already covered a lot of the distracting home projects like bread-baking and gardening that you can start doing if you’re bored during quarantine, but we just thought of another one that might be worth a shot: maybe quarantine would be a good time to punch a big hole in your wall and dig around in there.

Why not, right? It’s something to do.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, there can be all kinds of fascinating things in your walls — dead mice, living mice, insulation, maybe even some cash someone hid in there a hundred years ago. So if you’ve always wondered what your walls might be hiding, now is probably the ideal time to just wind up, punch a huge hole in one, and see where that takes you. You’ve got plenty of free hours to burn right now, so it really can’t hurt to fill a few of them up by bashing in one of your walls and then taking a good look at all the beams and wires and whatnot that it has inside. Sure, it can be stressful and frustrating being stuck in quarantine, but what if you thought of it as a valuable opportunity to delve into the mysterious inner workings of your home’s walls? 

Give it a go! It could be a great way to make use of your time, especially if you’ve already tried everything else!

You’ve probably exhausted a lot of your main options for fun, engaging indoor activities over the past weeks, but we figure one thing you haven’t done is checked to see if your wall and your neighbor’s wall actually connect directly to one another, which is something you can find out about by punching a hole right through your wall and checking to see if you can see your neighbor’s house on the other side. It’s pretty easy, and it might be fun and interesting! You and your neighbor can wave to each other through the hole, and once the pandemic’s over you could probably even shake hands through the hole. Could be cool!

Well, we think all this is probably reason enough to just try punching a hole in your wall and see if it makes you feel any better, or even just different. Is there any good reason not to? You don’t have that many other options. Just try it, and make sure to let us know how it goes!