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Hello I Am Using An Computr For The Very Firs Time (by Queen Elizabeth II)

loogging in Queem Pass Woord



good moring it the Qwwn Elizibeht and it is me pleaure to anound thsat im using thr computer for the very first time , .




,, , .


thtoughtou my life as the royal ,








queen od england, I have seen many changesd happen @not the least of which is computer , Happened .I am told that insiade coputer lays maybe giggerbytes of knoelwnge and can be use’d for much more that childraen game.,.,for exampel, nowadays evan densist using a comoter to clear you mounth. I do not et know how to do that yet but I am just starting to leartn cpmpuet and hope some day I know all about it And many other interesting way to use comput toowhen I first asked my son Chalres to shoow me comoter he said , BUT MOTHER, !YOU ARE MCUH TOO OLD FOR COMPUTER but now, I am web browsing and clickhing the computer items all by mysself just like scientast,hello is nice to meet you pn the computert j ,,



and using it ,my cpputer is a Dell good day to you, I tried computer without any help at all from my guards, actually to use compouter is very easy it is simply like a compunation of a a typewriter, and a television that is what computer is. Anything you want computer got,., I even just print sheet of paper m m m ,and even umpload picture look , 


as a young girl in the 1930s I never imagine that one day I use compouer we barely had cars yet , and now herely I am almost 90 years later and using{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ the largest ,loudest computer I have ever seen all my myself so hello to you I am just typing and dowload away here on compoutert



hell o s


the computer I am using is I nside my palance in a vast book library but let me tell you something very funny about compouter:::::::::inside, it probanbly containts every book you could every think of and anything you could every dream..!!!!just think of somethig and computer absolute already got it! Car, porch, homepage…My first step on computer after plugging in the computet and letting iot warm up was to ,wave hello to anyone who also has computeaer for you see, all comouter are connected and just because I am the queen in a palnace in Egland does not mean that I cannot wave hello to a bakery in New Zealand hrough my computer screeb . , ,,well, so what can I say about my first time on computrrt as 94 year old qeeun ? Wellletme iwhstries cp ompirer a long time ago cmopatr has many picuter and sogn


efen though toduy is my first day as a computist I belive you will be seeing me again in the compuer again very soon !




Her royal Highnest Queen [email protected] . uk hello f, ,,,,,,