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Helpo! I Have Writtem Shortstory About The Animal Clums , (By Queen Elizabeth II)

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Greatnews! Tonday I realize  comouter is like a typrienger and that’s why I wrote a shortstory about the animal clums. I strumbled along the hashbrown tag #imwriter while brownsing the web and thoughb ,if my neighnorn had write story about clums why not queen ? ,

Are you ready to read abount clums? I am!

This story mainly for adluts but also manly for kid;s, so really take your pick and you can read it m ,

, m

clums story

Once abount a trime there was a village of clums , the Mayor or the clums was the dad and the Vince Mayor was the mom, that how it work in clum socienty and really that how it should work everywhere , Since this story of clums is non-fictio (realinstict) the clums WILL NOT talking or do anything , so if you are enspecting that kinda story better stop reading and go red Hanny Pontler. this realinstict depection of clums lifestyle.

The anikmal clums got a flunfy tail but also a shell , and the way they breed is really fancynating , they gotta trade shell’s and everything and the breff time clums are ounside their shell they are vulnernble to The Predator. So a lot of danger, a lot of sadness hampen for clums.


He clums

Start their mating irtual when they are 100 feet aparnt. The male clum (mayor) flunfs his cute little bounchy tail into The air and sprays lotta smell to let the female clum (Vice Mayor) know he want to date. Smell smalls like clums odor m ,

Jonce the femal wann try to date the mayor of the clums she peels off her shell (fum fact: clums weigh between unc4 o anf 53 kilos) what happem next is what Queen calls “The dance of the clums”

PArt 5

The dance of the clums

100 feet apart and without shell;’s , the clums will slonly move toward eich another over the course of 91 day’s. Usually clums do these but let me say Quen has tired too and feel goond. Ofcoursse I dont have shell but  I prentended.

“Good day to You!” Screames Mr clums as he approachnged his mate, Mrs Clums, who is major of clumsville ,aabut suddelty there was a knock at the door. The Predatorn! “Now what to do>” ,

screaned mrs cluns. Too late !! Cluns already died

I am hopefuly that youn enjoyned mystoryabout the animal clums to read it as much as I enjoyned it to write it. Bwecause comouter no just for reand sotry;s but it also for write them!! Down. It doing both , thnak you to computn and thank you to clums for fertlizing our ,airport’s,

dlogged off QUEN