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How Many Of These Glowing Reviews Have You Left For Your Local Crematorium?

When a business does a good job at what they do, you should let the world know. How many of these glowing reviews have you left for your local crematorium?

How Many Of These Glowing Reviews Have You Left For Your Local Crematorium?

Check off all of the glowing reviews you've left for your local crematorium:

1. No chunks at all, remains were VERY cremated.
2. It’s not letting me upload a picture but they did a beautiful job on my grandfather.
3. Best crematorium in town, and trust me, I’ve tried them all!
4. One small tooth left but they handled the matter very professionally and offered to throw it into the garbage at no charge.
5. They were able to offer me an overnight turnaround when I was in a hurry to scatter my son’s ashes to get the whole thing over with.
6. I’d swear this was pepper, amazing job.
7. Not much to look at from the outside, but the inside is beautiful!
8. Was amazed at how thoroughly they cremated my mother! I kept asking, “Is that all that’s left?!” and they assured me it was.
9. Exactly what I was looking for in a crematorium.
10. Went so smoothly I wish I had another corpse to cremate so I could do it again!
11. Didn’t think I was going to like it but I ended up LOVING it.
12. Wonderful experience!
13. No frills but they get the job done.
14. Glad I didn’t have to do it myself. They took care of everything.
15. Very friendly staff, happy to let my kids go in the back to watch.
16. Clearly love what they do.
17. I don’t normally leave reviews, but after the excellent service I received I felt I should. The owner was very accommodating and understanding when I brought my mother in to have her cremated. He explained that I would have to take her to the coroner first and then they would bring her directly to the crematorium. He even helped me load her back into my car. When they were done burning her corpse they called me right away. I didn’t want to pay extra for an urn and they were fine with just putting her ashes into a Tupperware container I provided them. They said my mother was very easy to cremate which was nice to hear. If I could leave a 6 star review, I would.
18. Everything was as expected.
19. My fifteenth time here, no complaints yet!
20. My spouse asked for them by name and now I see why!
21. No drama, no BS, just high quality cremating.
22. They only do one thing but they do it really well.
23. Loved it!!!!!
24. Didn’t seem grossed out by it at all, true pros.
25. No hair or jewelry or anything, just beautiful, pure ash.
26. They allowed me to throw a dog in with my wife at no extra charge.
27. No gimmicks, nothing flashy, but these guys are the real deal.

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How Many Of These Glowing Reviews Have You Left For Your Local Crematorium?

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