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How Many Of These Questions About Teeth And/Or Sex Have You Asked Your Dentist?

How Many Of These Questions About Teeth And/Or Sex Have You Asked Your Dentist?

Dentists know a ton about teeth and/or sex, so when you’re in the chair getting a root canal it’s a great time to have them answer as many of your burning questions as possible.

How many of these questions about teeth and/or sex have you asked your dentist?

1. Does everyone have teeth or is it just me?
2. Can teeth sleep?
3. What’s the latest on teeth? Any news?
4. Any way I could get an extra row of teeth put in? My wife is a pervert.
5. What’s the deal with molars?
6. If I’m in bed and realize I haven’t met my daily requirement of calcium, would swallowing one tooth get me there?
7. Ever see any teeth that made you call the cops?
8. What’s the most inspirational song about growing teeth you’ve ever sung to a toothless person?
9. My wife is mostly into vanilla sex but I’m on the kinkier side. Is there anything you can do as far as a tooth gel or a retainer or something that would make her more of a freak?
10. I’ve gotta ask: Is it normal to be sexually aroused by calendars?
11. Ever kidnap a wealthy person’s tooth?
12. I’m really turned on by sex. I guess this isn’t really a question.
13. Is it true that teeth are conscious?
14. Is there any way you can think of to bite someone besides using your teeth?
15. When did you know you wanted to help teeth?
16. How can I involve my teeth more during sex? I feel like they’re usually just sitting there.
17. What’s the funniest way you’ve ever heard of someone getting gingivitis?
18. Did you have to go to school for this or did it just come naturally?
19. What do you think of mouthguards? Bullshit, right?
20. Why can’t our teeth just leave us alone?
21. What’s the deal with all of these train derailments? Are they somehow teeth-related?
22. How should I suck cock?
23. You more of an incisor man or a canine man?
24. Should teeth wave to stuff? Mine do.
25. Any reason you can think of that I should take care of my teeth?
26. How many types of sex can you list off without Googling it?
27. Think my teeth have what it takes to be in a commercial for floss?
28. Are teeth pearls?
29. What’s the most teeth you’ve ever removed during sex?
30. Should I use a condom to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancy or should I not worry about it?
31. When is the best time to get a cavity?
32. Can you drain my teeth?
33. I saw a porno once with teeth in it. Have you seen that one?
34. Can I do your teeth when you’re done with mine?

All 1 questions completed!

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How Many Of These Questions About Teeth And/Or Sex Have You Asked Your Dentist?

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