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I Am Jealous Of ,THe Homless (By Queen Elizabeth II)

Logging Into It ,   logging,,..     lOG into   c 




ONLIME ,,,now, ,       ,  complature  gLOG IN QUwna Passworm Charlfster1946 ,





Wlecome! It im quean2@!! Back on my bullwhip! There;s ins’t noit much in the worlf that Im am jealous of., I really have it all: crown, horse, etc. But ehre’s one thing it the world that everytime I see one I get vary jealous! 

the hlomless. 



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Some,itme when I S ee thre hompless I think yto myslef ;Wow! Whay am I not ,then? Becuase as a queen, I must Have largepalace and Many robe’s, diamond headbanf, clurfs, etc..l.But sometime I log for just be a homeless man wiTh not a care in the world ,Just have packback, dreadclocks, diseaser dog…can of refriend beans and a ponket ful of dream;’s. Be nice to Not have to go to a queenting alot, Be on TV talking about be Quean, Using My Scepter, etc, and Just hoppin train around Out there looking For my next cigarent butt ,with a terrible guitarn no onne want’s to hear me play , 

I’t would be a harnd life out on the roand, sleepin on concrete ,using my ownpants as a toilent, never sure if or when ,I’d be eating my next meal,  BUt slitt better that be Quen. Sometimer, late at night, I laeve the pallance and go to Homelss Alley , and find myself a bum and Wigle him awake , “Mr Bum ,” I cry, “It quen ,..Woud you like to trade place? You be queaun I be you? And man always’s say “Ok” but it the end, I don’t wanna romb him of his freestyling, durg addicted life style  , “so I tell him “no” and put him back to Sleep  .  But Still, I look at his large wad of Garpage and shotting carf and think , “All this could be mine if I was not alwasy a Queel. 


Many peolape constiner homenessless a promblem but not me . What is the promblem? Havein g TOO MUNCH freefom? Having TOO MANY fun day;s in the gutter ,rolling around with a bindle and a corncrob pipe, playing a harmonomicon, making friends with piegeons and rat’s and asking People for spare chang so you can buy youerlelf nothring? Personably, I’d rather be filthery and rejencted by sobriety thanb be extra clean and useful . . m Living a life of adnenture runnign from the polioce and sleeping in people;s shrubs…Now THAT’s a life.

No one writes book abotu being queen. But lot; s of people write book abotu being homeless: Don’t HAve  the House, The Gutter Calls My Name, Youre’ Sidewalk Is My Apartment, etc, , Everoyne facinated with the idea of not need money, not need teeth, no famly or  friensds to hold you drown. Freewhelming, no pressure to work or have health, Just living for the day umder the hot sun wearing 3 jacket’s and A shoe , 


Do you beleive is reintarnation? I don,t. But if I did , I’d hope to be reincardnated as myslef again. but my second coince would to be the homless. 

Love to youm ,and everyone you know aboumt, 


Queen Eleinbaleth II


Quenn  g