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I Wiash I Knew Raeson I AM So Old , (By Queen Elizabeth II)

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Helelo agian Qween ,herre again with my delightnfu l, bolg! Well, winter’s is Coming And Im Not Exactly Looking For the Clod but I guess that’s just how nat

ure work,s, sometime it hot, something is colf, sometime it Regulr, sometime it Sort of windy , three a lot of differen;t ways That it can be m


to be hornets I didn;t really warnt to Be cold ever. But I also nvr want to be old . and Yet both thing happen ,


I wishi knew the raesome I am so,old be casue it just a tontal mystery , I am 10 4, t 84 year’s old with no sign of slowing dowm anf this Is Not What I Want At All. I rather be about 9. Or maybe part 9 part 43 so I can broth play Painio and drive car, best of both wroldss But SInply Not old Anymore,  , that is now what I am after and hopefully being old stop soon for me in way other than death: ”the Ultimate Old” ,


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sorry abrout that   , I got logged out due to an activity ,


OK I tlaking about be too old. There 7th things about Oldness that to Me are a “total dealbreakster” for about it. There go:


  1. You alwasys forget everything that happened and remeber everything that Didnt; Happen;

It well doncumented that Olderly people loose theire minds, but not thing that talked about a lot is that when you become Old you also remember lotta new stuff even if it didn’t happen. Maybe to could make an agreement that it all evens out because you loose you;re real memeories but gain a bunch of not real ones, but a lot of the momories I gained are of being a tractor , not the typye of thing I wanna remember 


  • 1. Feel old


This is a big one: not wannta feel old. Hrad to describe the feeling but imagine a cross between being sick and swimming way too long in cold warter and youl Get An Idea of what feel like to be old, where you Cant rally float anymore in the water but still in the waTer , tht a really bad feeling of old, kinda hard to breath kinda hard to Move ,


\2. No one Like you anymoer 


Whenyou are an old 

no one like you anymore ,they pretenf that they do But They Dont, they not wanna smell your or listen you and even simple thing Like have Tea and Beans they make excuse like, “Oh No Quean I Would Love To But I’m Not Old Like You” truly sadfulling and many degrees of disapointmern to feel like thqat ,


  1. HArd to do Whatever

Imagine try to do normal thing like Hold Arms Above Head and     can”t Do it. Or kick something. Just regalur thing you trying to do but Not happen at all , just nothing happen even thourgh you;re brain trying Really hard. You can tell your body with mrouth “Please kick” but truly nothing happen and you must ask someone else for hlep make leg move ,tontally embarassingI dont Know if it the brain broeken or the body or some kindof Discommunication but either way I don>T know why I am so old this is verty  ,disapointing 


  1. Everyone Good Has Died

when your old All the good 

people have already died and no

good new ones coming.

You can check the babies but no, nothing good. Good people simply not happening anymorf a, You cant even remenber Phlip, Diarno, Charmles, John Thaw, much less have them be alive .basically Everyone dead was Good and everyontw alive is Bad , which is Bad. And aslo………Sad ,just like everything abotu being too old, my question, about being, old, is “why this?”


  1. People loose their patiets with You because You’re stuggling To Do Anything


Lotta  times when I’m old I notice peoplae get front rated with me Becasue I cant do thing;s/ like get my spoon of Porriage into my mouth or out of my mouith or really anything porriange related m Well Please have patientce with me becasue one day the spoon will go Into my mouth but it hard Because my arms are Shaking and twirling for their are infected with the great crurse of Old Age ,my biggest deal of all


  1. your moth


we spend our ewhole lifes with mouths without much fanfare or contruversy, but When you;er get old mounth  just doenst feel right in your head anymore. Feels too dry and oversied, texture is unappetising as it becomed dewormed and scaly , and you dont want it anymore but yet you doctor wont get rid of it. Just stunk with it in their , Lucjkily at least the eyes just keep feeling bette,r and better


Grosh well ,after we talk a”bout all this I think maybe I learn some tihing: about why I am old , 


burt I am too old to remembler it or knowm what it is , just another problen of bing old. I suponse. That even when you know something you dont , there is never anything new  to lesson, and etc , 


But…..I still enjoy talk to you on my bleg and I hope you feel free to blog back at me ,and maybe you can tell, me, what to, do 

abount being ,old because truly I am looking for any ideas whatesover to not do it anymote,


I havr no idea why I am this


Sincerly, Her Majegly, 

Queen Eleibeth the 2rd