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Love Is In The Air! Netflix Has Announced A New Series Where People Chat Online With Children They’ve Never Met And Then Choose Whether To Adopt The Child Or Marry Them

We’re currently living through a golden age of romantic reality shows, but the latest offering from the world’s leading streaming platform might just be the very best one yet: Netflix has announced a new reality series where contestants chat online with children they’ve never met and then choose whether to adopt the child or marry the child!

If you’re a fan of Love Is Blind or Indian Matchmaking, then you’re definitely gonna want to binge-watch this one!

According to Netflix, the new series is called Eye Of The Beholder, and the premise is simple: in each episode, an adult contestant chats online with a child between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. The adult and the child get to know each other through their online messages, but—and this is the big twist—the adult has no idea what the child looks like. At the end of the episode the adult must decide if they want to legally adopt the child and raise them until they come of age or if they want to just marry the child right then and there. And if you don’t like the child at all and don’t want to be their parent or their spouse, that’s too bad! You have to choose one or the other!

Eye Of The Beholder forces contestants to answer one of the most pressing philosophical questions of our time: If you knew if your son or daughter was sexy before you met them, would you want to marry them or still be their parent? And if you didn’t know what a baby looked like, would you be brave enough to marry the baby, even if the baby might be ugly?” said Netflix in a press release. “This remarkable series will show the world that you don’t have to adopt every child you meet online—sometimes you can marry them instead! The main takeaway from this show is that Netflix is a company that believes that magical things happen when children and adults talk to each other over the internet and then get married on camera.”

As if this show wasn’t exciting enough already, Netflix says that each season of Eye Of The Beholder will feature a wildcard child who has the option to pull off a major twist and actually adopt the adult they’re talking to and become their legal parent instead. The child is then responsible for raising their adult for 18 years, at which point the adult and the child decide to either switch places (parent becomes the child and vice versa), or to get married (adult marries their much younger parent). It all comes together to create what might just be the most amazing reality show in Netflix history!

Wow, we can’t wait!

Netflix says that the first season of Eye Of The Beholder is set to be released later this month. There will be 10 hour-long episodes, which should be perfect for binging all at once in a single awesome weekend. Get excited, because this promises to be the best show about people either adopting or marrying children of all time!