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Out Of Touch: Gwyneth Paltrow Is Flaunting Her Purse Full Of Beans While Millions Of Americans Remain Beanless

It’s no secret that the rich inhabit a very different world than the rest of us, and one particularly tone-deaf celeb has been unwittingly demonstrating just how disconnected from other people success can make you: Gwyneth Paltrow is flaunting her purse full of beans while millions of Americans remain beanless.

Yes, your purse has a lot of beans in it, but read the room, Gwyneth!

At a time when record numbers of Americans don’t have a single bean to their name, ostentatious displays of one’s own beans come across as pretty tasteless, but that hasn’t stopped actress-cum-entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow from embarking on a personal mission to make sure everyone on earth knows just how many beans she has in her purse. Whether it’s posting Instagram photos with the hashtag ‘#PurseLadenWithManyBeansMondays’ or going on podcasts to demonstrate the swishing sound the beans make in her purse while she walks, Paltrow seems physically incapable of just quietly enjoying the beans she’s amassed in her purse without rubbing everyone’s faces in it.

It’s genuinely galling how much narcissism Paltrow displays toward bean issues in the United States. A normal person might look at a purse stuffed with beans and ask, “How can I help get these beans to people who don’t have any?” but Paltrow sees the exact same purse and tweets about how she’s going to replace the original strap with a padded guitar strap so her shoulder can better accommodate the weight of even more beans.

Yikes. Imagine being the kind of person who hoards beans like that and thinks it’s something to be proud of. It’s truly mind-boggling that someone can be this obtuse. Here’s hoping Paltrow gets a clue and actually does something meaningful to address beanlessness in our country instead of continuing to just blithely parade her purse full of beans around like an asshole!