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Giving Back: The Beeps And Flatline Sounds On This Children’s Hospital’s Heart Rate Monitors Will Now Be Voiced By Julian Casablancas

More often than not, it’s rock stars’ bad behavior that lands them in the news, but here’s a story that flips the script, involving one of the world’s biggest rock stars who, apparently, also has one of the world’s biggest hearts: Julian Casablancas will now be voicing the beeps and flatline sounds of the heart rate monitors at a children’s hospital. 

What an incredibly beautiful way to brighten those kids’ day! Hats off to you, Julian!

As of this morning, every pulse-monitoring machine at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone has been reprogrammed to emit the croons of The Strokes’ frontman instead of their usual clinical electronic tones. Sources at Hassenfeld say that Casablancas offered his raspy timbre free of charge to the pediatric medical center, and ultimately recorded several dozen varieties of soulful beeps and alerts in his signature slurred baritone, throwing in the occasional enigmatic lyric, such as, “beep…beep…dreams of you in the city, ohhh…beep.” Now, these terminally ill children’s hospital stays can be a little less scary knowing their pulse is being voiced by a living rock legend and that Julian’s soaring melodies will be the last thing they ever hear as they flatline. 

How awesome is this?!? Without a doubt, this is the coolest children’s hospital in the world.

It just doesn’t get more generous than this. All celebrities should take note, because Julian Casablancas just raised the bar for how to use one’s talent for a good cause. Props to Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital and Julian for bringing joy to kids at the time they need it most!