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Playing Cupid: Barron Trump Tricked Donald Trump And Stormy Daniels Into Showing Up To The Same Romantic Dinner In Hopes They Get Back Together

Sometimes kids get sentimental ideas in their heads that can seem a bit idealistic to more practically minded adults, but you have to admit that this one is pretty cute: Barron Trump has tricked Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels into showing up to the same romantic dinner in hopes they get back together.

Aw. Looks like Barron is determined to play Cupid and rekindle the romance between his father and Stormy Daniels! And it looks like his clever plan might just work.

Barron’s plan to reunite his father with the glamorous woman he fell in love with over a decade ago began when the mischievous 11-year-old told the president to put on his best button-down shirt and come with him to a made-up Trump rally at an Italian restaurant on the banks of the Potomac River called Ristorante D’Amore. While President Trump was getting ready, Barron sent a falsified email to Daniels’ assistant saying that Daniels’ lawyer had scheduled an urgent meeting with her about her lawsuit against Trump at the same location.

Wow. Looks like Barron Trump’s willing to do just about anything in the name of true love.

When Stormy Daniels first walked through the door of the restaurant and saw President Trump sitting alone at one of the tables, she thought there had been some mistake. Daniels and President Trump exchanged curt, tense greetings and prepared to leave the restaurant separately, but at that moment, Barron switched on “More Than A Feeling,” the song that was playing when the president and Daniels shared their first dance together all those years ago on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Once Donald and Stormy heard their song playing, they shared a meaningful glance, and Stormy shrugged and took a seat beside Donald.

Crouching just out of sight, Barron watched in delight as a waiter he hired came by to pour glasses of wine for his father and his long-lost love—and the little scamp smiled as the couple toasted to “a chance encounter” and laughed together.

You can’t deny a true romantic connection—and it seems like Barron already knows that better than some adults do.

As the dinner continued, Trump and Daniels reminisced fondly about the golf tournament where they first met, their faces getting closer and voices growing lower as they gazed into each other’s eyes. Watching from his hiding place behind the fern, Barron closed his eyes and crossed his fingers, hoping that Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump would soon realize how they truly felt about each other and begin their love anew.

Whether Trump and Daniels will get back together remains to be seen, but it seems that the pair has enjoyed themselves based on the two empty bottles of wine on the table and the easy way they were giggling and smiling at each other as they chatted long into the night. It will be exciting to see how this ruse pans out in the end, and hopefully all will turn out well for young Barron. Leave it to a kid to know what the grown-ups in his life truly want deep down in their hearts!