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Safety Win! When A Concertgoer Flashed Her Breasts To Get The Foo Fighters’ Attention, Dave Grohl Had Her Airlifted To A Mental Hospital Mid-Show

If you ever doubted that rock n’ roll superstars can be some of the most caring people around, this amazing story will set you straight: When this woman flashed her breasts to get the Foo Fighters’ attention, Dave Grohl had her airlifted to a mental hospital mid-show. 

Kudos to Dave Grohl! This is how you create a safe concert experience for all!

Last night, while playing Citi Field stadium in Queens, NY, the Foo Fighters’ frontman brought the show to a halt mid-song when he noticed a horrifying situation developing in the pit: fan Taryn Moore, 39, sitting on a friend’s shoulders, had lifted up her shirt to expose her breasts to the band, revealing their name written across her chest in marker. “It was every rock musician’s worst nightmare, coming true right before my eyes: breasts,” Grohl recounted in post-show interviews, explaining that he knew he had to contain the threat before the woman’s half-nakedness resulted in irreparable harm to innocent concertgoers in the arena.

That’s when he took out his cell phone and did something absolutely incredible: Grohl personally called in a helicopter unit that descended into the show in a matter of seconds, put Taryn in a straitjacket, and flew away to commit her to a state-run mental institution, no questions asked. Once Taryn was finally airlifted out of sight to an insane asylum and the show was deemed safe to continue, Grohl thanked the crowd for their patience, reminded everyone to stay hydrated, and launched back into the chorus of “My Hero,” right where he’d left off.

So awesome! It’s amazing how Dave Grohl had the presence of mind to handle the incredibly upsetting episode. Lesser rock stars would’ve panicked and fled for their own safety, but Grohl, being the total professional he is, made sure a helicopter took the half-nude woman to a psychiatric facility where her exposed chest couldn’t put any Foo fanatics at risk, and where she could receive the intensive treatment she needed to combat her deranged and antisocial behavior. 

It’s official: Foo Fighters 1, breasts 0.

Without a doubt, it’s a proud day to be a Foo fan. If you’ve ever been concerned about seeing breasts at their shows, you can rest easy knowing Dave Grohl won’t hesitate to take action if it happens again. Here’s hoping all musicians take note from Dave, because this is how fan safety is done, y’all!