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Something For Everybody: Chicago’s Planetarium Is Adding An Exhibit About André The Giant For People Who Aren’t Interested In Space

Chicago’s Adler Planetarium has always been the perfect destination for people who love stars and planets, but now the museum is stepping up in a big way to make sure absolutely everyone can enjoy the Adler experience. Chicago’s planetarium is adding a brand-new exhibit about André the Giant for people who aren’t interested in space!

Finally! A museum that really does have something for everybody!

After 85 years of focusing solely on astronomy and the science of space travel, the Adler Planetarium is finally branching out with a whole exhibit dedicated to WWE wrestler and actor André René Roussimoff, a.k.a. Andre the Giant! Starting in May 2018, museumgoers who simply aren’t interested in learning about the cosmos will be able to skip right past all the solar system displays to a room full of essential artifacts and educational exhibits from André’s career, including a full wing dedicated to teaching visitors about the 1987 Wrestlemania match where André the Giant and Hulk Hogan finally settled their iconic, decades-long feud.

“With the introduction of our exciting new André the Giant exhibit, we hope our planetarium can now provide an enriching experience even for those who couldn’t care less about outer space,” said Adler’s president, Michelle B. Larson. “Our greatest goal at the Adler is to educate our visitors, be it about the distant stars of the Andromeda Galaxy or André the Giant’s performance as Fezzik in The Princess Bride.”

Incredible. It’s amazing to see such an iconic institution working so hard to meet the needs of the public. Hurry up and book your reservations, because Adler’s brand-new exhibit will be opening with discounted ticket prices on André the Giant’s birthday, May 19!