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Twitter Explosion: Kenmore Is Going Off After Finding Out That Nobody Uses The Circular Glass Plate That Your Food Rotates On Inside The Microwave As A Regular Plate Too

If you happen to own a Kenmore microwave, you might want to brace yourself, because it looks like the household appliance company has a serious bone to pick with you. Kenmore just absolutely went off after finding out that nobody uses the circular glass plate that your food rotates on inside the microwave as a regular plate, too.

Yeesh. Seems like Kenmore has been misreading the glass-plate situation for a while now, and the company is not happy about it.

In an explosive Twitter rant posted earlier today, Kenmore aired out the mix of shock, disappointment and full-blown fury that the company experienced after discovering that no one uses its super-heavy glass microwave plates as they were apparently intended. And the kitchenware manufacturer certainly didn’t hold anything back in its tirade:

Woof. Kenmore is really fuming over this one, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be cooling down any time soon. It’ll be interesting to see if the appliance brand’s outburst is the last we hear about the misunderstanding, or if the rage we saw today was only the tip of the iceberg.