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Twitter Rant: Harry Styles Is Tweeting That He Wants One Of His Songs To Have A Parentheses At The End Of It Like ‘(Original Song From DreamWorks Animation’s TROLLS)’ But Doesn’t Know How To Get It That Way

Harry Styles has made a lot of big moves in recent years, but it looks like the singer is ready to take things to a whole new level: Harry Styles is tweeting that he wants one of his songs to have a parentheses at the end of it like “(Original Song from DreamWorks Animation’s ‘TROLLS’)” but doesn’t know how to get it that way.

Damn. Seems like he could seriously use some help to figure this out.

The former One Direction member took to Twitter earlier today to desperately declare that he wants one of his song titles to have a parenthetical:

Still searching for an answer, the pop star then began tweeting at his fellow artists to ask for help:

Wow. Hopefully someone can help Harry figure out how to get a parentheses at the end of one of his song titles. Guess we’ll just have to wait for his next album to find out if anyone gives him a hand!