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Leaving It Up To The People: Splenda Just Went On A Twitter Rant Asking If Anyone Still Uses Splenda Because If Not They’ll Just Shut Down No Problem

If you’ve got a strong opinion on sugar substitutes, it’s time to log into Twitter, because one brand needs your help deciding the fate of their company: Splenda just went on a Twitter rant asking if anyone still uses Splenda because if not they’ll just shut down no problem.

Damn. Definitely seems like Splenda’s not messing around here.

Earlier today, Splenda took to Twitter to air out some thoughts on the future of their company. Check out the tweets below:

Wow. It’s certainly time to speak up if you’re a Splenda user, because your go-to sugar substitute might not be around much longer if you don’t. Here’s hoping Splenda gets the answer they’re looking for!