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We Need To Embrace Solar Energy Now Before It’s Too Mainstream

Solar technology has existed for decades, but a city, or even a house that relies on solar energy, is just a pipe dream to most Americans. That’s why we need to embrace solar energy now, before it becomes one of those things everyone’s doing.

The time is now: We need to take action before using solar energy is totally mainstream.

Even now, the clock is ticking. In just five years, solar panels could go from being an energy-saving commodity needed in every home to one of those things that everyone supports. It’s not an easy truth to accept. The longer we wait, the less niche solar energy becomes.

Some say we’re already too late. Many communities in Germany and Scandinavia already view solar energy as a run-of-the-mill technology. If we don’t act quickly, there won’t be a town left in the United States where solar energy is still a little-known energy source.

The longer we wait, the less niche solar energy becomes.

Of course, the equipment needed for solar-powered homes and offices is expensive. This is true. But using this as an excuse to continue as normal comes at a cost. If we don’t embrace this movement now, we might not be the first people on our block to have solar panels. That’s not a bet worth taking.

Several years ago, people like me were proselytizing the benefits of recycling. Now, there are big, flashy recycling bins everywhere. Solar energy is headed in the same direction, and we need to be prepared.

We must ask ourselves to think of the lives our children will lead. Will they be the children of people who lead the world in embracing alternative energy, or people who only got into solar once everyone and their mother already did it?

The choice is ours. We must embrace this technology. At least, until everyone else does.