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Well, There Goes His Weekend: This Man Just Lost His Entire Family In A Boating Accident That Was His Fault

Weekends are supposed to be a time to unwind and have some fun, but looks like that wasn’t in the cards for everyone this time around: This man just kissed the rest of his weekend goodbye after losing his entire family in a boating accident that was his fault.

Damn, dude! Well, there goes your weekend. 

Forty-five-year-old driving instructor Martin Olson was six beers into what was gearing up to be a 14-beer Saturday this past weekend when his relaxing getaway was cut tragically short by his own actions. The sun was out, the Sirius XM was crankin’, and Mrs. Olson was looking quite nice in her bikini. But after running his rented motorboat aground at a high rate of speed and launching his entire family to their early graves, Martin’s weekend was [RECORD SCRATCH] O-V-E-R. Those chill weekend vibes all came to a screeching halt, and it may as well have been Monday morning. 

Adding insult to injury, Martin had been sure to take care of all of his weekend chores Friday morning before he left for work so he could hit the ground running as soon as he punched out that night. He had a completely clean slate to pound snacks, kill beers, enjoy time on the water, sneak a few cigs, and watch sports until his eyes bled until bedtime on Sunday. The stage was set for an epic 48 hours of R&R, but the deaths of his wife and two children due entirely to his reckless speed, inexperience piloting a boat, and alcohol-induced impairment mean that he’s going to have to spend the rest of the weekend dealing with bullshit like getting a lawyer and planning three funerals instead of what he actually wanted to do: just take it easy until Monday rolled around. 

Ugh, why can’t the week be the week and the weekend be the weekend? This is quite the bummer. 

Buck up, Martin. This weekend may have gone down the shitter real fast, but you’ve got plenty of weekends ahead of you. There’s no use crying over spilled milk. You’ve just gotta power through another five days of bullshit and it’ll be the weekend again.