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What Would It Be Like If A Real Woman Had Furby’s Proportions?

Now THIS is some powerful stuff.

The True You Project, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote healthy body image in young women, has launched a new awareness campaign depicting what a real woman would actually look like if she had the physical dimensions of a Furby doll. And the result is a body type that’s not only unrealistic, but downright impossible.

Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of a real woman and True You’s rendering:

Wow. Is this really what we want our young women aspiring to look like?

As you can see, the woman with Furby’s dimensions has completely unattainable physical proportions! Not only does she have a waist-to-head ratio that’s nearly 1:1, but her ears are roughly the size of boogie boards. Couple those with the soccer ball–size eyes, forehead infrared port, and perfectly symmetrical beak, and what you have is a facial structure and body type no woman could ever achieve.

“Conventionally” beautiful? Far from it!

So, for all you parents out there who let your daughters play with Furbies, you might want to think again. They may just seem like silly playthings, but when it comes to body image, it’s high time we stopped teaching our girls that Furby is the standard of female beauty.