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An ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape Of His Own: A Decade-Old Recording Just Leaked Of Bernie Sanders Telling Billy Bush That He Hates Sexual Intercourse Because There Are Too Many Odors

The most shocking moment of the 2016 presidential election was the release of the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which Donald Trump openly bragged about sexually assaulting women, and now it looks as if one of the frontrunners of the 2020 race may be facing a similar moment of his own: A decade-old recording just leaked of Bernie Sanders telling Billy Bush that he hates sexual intercourse because there are too many odors.

Whoa. This is a story that’s gonna follow Sanders all the way to election day.

Earlier today, The Washington Post published audio from a 2009 conversation between Sanders and Bush in which the Vermont senator, who had strayed from a Universal Studios lot tour and wandered onto the Access Hollywood set in search of a toilet, goes on a long, unsolicited tirade detailing of all his coitus-related gripes. Referring to Bush as “Bob” under the mistaken belief that he is Bob Costas, Sanders decries the “hideous odors” of lovemaking and the “heaps of cream” one produces at climax, lamenting that he had ruined “a perfectly good duvet cover” while siring his son back in 1969 and as a result hasn’t engaged in physical intimacy since.

“I cannot stand the stink, Bob—the stink of the balls, the stink of the vagina, the stink of all the goddamn sweat you make as you’re flopping like a jackass on your lover for seven goddamn minutes straight,” shouted a riled-up Sanders as Bush repeatedly urged him to lower his voice and vacate the set so they could continue taping. “I’m nauseous just thinking about it, Bob. Nauseous! There is nothing pleasurable about sexual intercourse, and anyone who enjoys it is a pervert.”

“The smells are just too foul!” he continued. “Do you understand what I’m saying, Bob? The smells of sexual intercourse are foul, and that’s because humans are disgusting animals.”

Sanders then announced that his bowels were very distressed and that he needed to find a toilet or bucket immediately, at which point he wandered off the set and into Bush’s dressing room bathroom, where he labored on the toilet for a long time.

Wow. This is a major election bombshell that will undoubtedly be talked about for years to come.

In response to the recording, Sanders released a statement this afternoon denying any wrongdoing and doubling down on his opinions regarding sex:

“I am, and always have been, repulsed by the horrible odors of sexual intercourse, and I will continue to be repulsed by them when I am president of the United States,” the statement read. “I also stand by my position that anyone who enjoys sex is a pervert, and that includes Donald Trump, who made his depravity perfectly clear in his own Access Hollywood tape. I didn’t even know what a pussy was until I heard him say it. I thought it was a computer thing. I now know that it is slang for vagina. Disgusting. He is a disgusting man and a rapist, and that tape proves it. My tape proves that I am a sensible and rational man with a healthy view of sex. I apologize for nothing.”

Whether this new Access Hollywood recording will have a negative impact on Sanders’ candidacy is yet to be seen, but it will undeniably be a subject of constant scrutiny through the remainder of his campaign. It looks like the 2020 race is about to get even more heated than it already is!